About Us

We place you right at the heart of our work! Your personal projects, wishes, thoughts and individual designs never bring us into a quandary, but instead fill us with new ideas. And in the foreground of each planning concept, the function of the room: what lifestyle does the person we are planning for live? What does he need? What kind of life feeling does he want express? Once we have identified all your needs, we work alongside you to develop the overall concept, which we ultimately bring to life in all its facets in terms of colours, form and materials. In short, we merge functionality, design and furnishing style into one! We provide you with comprehensive expert advice in choosing the right materials. We focus our planning on your needs and budget as a natural basis for continued action. We do this, because we want you to know exactly what costs you should reckon with from the outset. This creates trust and caters for a transparent, cooperative and harmonious construction phase without any nasty surprises.

We see ourselves as “creative interior designers” …

… for floor coverings of all kinds, bespoke carpets from leading manufacturers, premium-quality decorating materials, upholstery materials from renowned brands, and sun shade systems, sliding doors, room divider systems and wallpapers.

We coordinate, plan and undertake all the work on your behalf.

Dry interior finishing including all types of demolition, conversion and plastering work, electrical installations and lighting techniques, painting, plastering and glazing work, bespoke carpentry work including windows and doors, metalwork and roofing, and tiling work in modern colours and shapes from selected tile studios. This comprises all the installation work, including full bathroom renovations with 3D planning. The design of concrete looks for walls and floors and completely jointless baths finished in lime marble plaster from Frescolori® round off our range of services. Everything is tailor-made for you – with completion dates that go to match.

The team at Dino Bruns Raumdesign